August 2017 archive

The Better Together beta is now live!

The wait is almost over but for now, you can beta test the Better Together Update over at the Official Minecraft website! I have been playing around with it and I have noticed a HUGE overall performance increase and a decrease of FPS in certain areas. The game seems night and day smoother overall until …

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Today I upgraded the community servers ram to 1.5GB!

Today I upgraded the Community Server’s ram to 1.5GB. This should allow for 10 people to be logged in simultaneously. And that’s about the limit of what I can afford to pay every month. If you would like a bigger community server you could always click the donation button on the forum and make a …

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Never get lost again and always know the day and night cycle! (Minecraft compass & world clock)

I have been playing Minecraft for over a year now and I have seen plenty of people get lost and lose everything. Well I am here to help and you will never be lost again and you will always know the day and night cycle with these two tools. The first thing we are going …

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