November 2017 archive

Good news the Super Duper graphics are coming to all devices!

Well, I just read some really good news the Super Duper graphics are coming to Xbox One & Xbox One X, PC and you don’t need a high-end PC like I originally thought. And its coming to Android, IOS, and the Nintendo Switch. Which makes me really happy because I have a standard PC and …

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Minecraft Snapshot 17w48a (From the official website)

Minecraft Snapshot 17w48a below is a list of changes, make sure you always make a backup of your world before testing any snapshots! Changes in 17w48a Tweaks to the command suggestion UI Implemented tab-completion for coordinates Recipes are now loaded from data packs in data/(namespace)/recipes/(name).json Turning off vanilla data pack will also remove all recipes …

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Everything announced at Minecon Earth! (From the official Minecraft blog!)

The fans have voted, the votes have been tallied… Mob B, The Monster of the Night Skies, is coming to Minecraft. The Update Aquatic, an upcoming Minecraft update, will bring tons of new features to the game, “including coral, kelp, more types of fish, dolphins, explorable shipwrecks, new water physics and more! A newly revamped …

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