I have been a webmaster since the early 2000's. I enjoy forums and blogs and Minecraft. I am currently playing Java Minecraft.

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As far as I can tell there are no more broken links!

I have spent weeks on and off trying to fix all of the broken links from the forum split. And its been a real pain in the butt trying to fix everything. Because the website used a bridge between WordPress and Xenforo. So it broke some code. But everything should be fixed now and please …

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  Well the day that I have been dreaming of is finally here. Mojang has finally released server software for Bedrock Minecraft. Although it is Alpha, it  has me super excited to be able to run my own Bedrock server. Realms is nice and all but it’s not a 24/7 server. Realms only runs when …

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The MC Nation community gardens carrots & potatoes!

Just a small update today, I was at the doctor’s office and I decided to build one of the two small gardens for The MC Nation Realm. One of the gardens is carrots and the other is potatoes. My next thing to do for the Realm is to make a  community workshop. And as always I hope …

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Retro Throwback The MC Island, Soulinx underground farm!

I don’t know how many people know the history of this website, but it use to be called “The MC Island” and there were two versions of “The MC Island”. V1 was a group of friend’s Minecraft players. V2 That fizzled out so I revamped the  website and made it a personal Minecraft website. V3 …

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The Mc Nation community Realm, Soulwatcher’s House! (My personal House!)

  Today I am showing off my personal house on The MC Nation survival Realm. It started out as a small house and then I built this house around the small house and then I took down the small house. I wish I would have taken pictures of the house as I was building it, …

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The MC Nation community greenhouse!

Today I built one of many greenhouses that I have planned for the Survival Realm. It’s wheat garden and as I explore I am going to look for more veggies to plant. Off to the side there is a perfect place for more greenhouses and I plan on making a bridge to the greenhouses when …

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The mobile world is reopened for me!

Thanks to my old cell phone carrier being so horrible. I am now with Xfinity Mobile and not only do I have a new phone but my plan is less than half of what it use to cost. And I have a lot better phone, I have a LG Stylo 4 and it runs Minecraft …

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MINECRAFT 1.13.1 RELEASED! (From the official website)

MINECRAFT 1.13.1 RELEASED A Minecraft Java Edition Release 1.13.1 is now available! It improves performance and fixes a bunch of bugs that made their way into 1.13. There’s also a few changes in this update that are listed below. 1.13.1 CHANGELOG CHANGES Performance optimizations Added dead coral Fish now have a 5% chance of dropping …

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Today I fixed the photo gallery and added Xsplit back to my PC!

I am sorry for all the slow updates to the website, I have just not felt well and I have been overwhelmed. How ever today I fixed the photo gallery and I added Xsplit back to my PC. So I will be able to make more Minecraft videos and I hope to have a Aquatic video …

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