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Underground bunker on my personal Realm!

Here is a video of the underground bunker that I built. The whole build took 3 weeks to build. I had to pains takenly crave out every brick. I hope that you enjoy the video.  

Minecraft Snapshot 18w20c (from the official Minecraft website!)

I haven’t updated the website in over two weeks due to health problems. I hope to get to the bottom of my health problems soon and get back to updating this website. Enough about me here is the latest from the official Minecraft website. Minecraft Snapshot 18w20c A Minecraft Java Edition Snapshot Three snapshots in …

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MINECRAFT SNAPSHOT 18W16A! From the official Minecraft website!

MINECRAFT SNAPSHOT 18W16A A Minecraft Java Edition snapshot We’re very close to feature complete, and have now started focusing more on bug fixing & polishing! CHANGES IN 18W16A New custom world type: Buffet Coral fans now generate naturally Drowned can sometimes be found inside ruins Turtle helmet will no longer give you particle effects Turtle …

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We’re back!

I just wanted to give everyone an update on whats going on with the website.  I was overwhelmed with running a blog and a forum at the same time and it completely burned me out. On top of that, the forum died out and I thought it was in the websites best interest to sell off …

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MINECRAFT SNAPSHOT 18W02A (from the official Minecraft website!)

  1.13 is getting closer and closer! This weeks snapshot brings some new improvements to the /execute command and a bunch of bug fixes! CHANGES IN 18W02A Added new block tag minecraft:enderman_holdable Changed translation files from .lang (key=value) to .json (“key”: “value”) Errors during a command are now a nicer error message (with tooltip for …

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MINECRAFT SNAPSHOT 18W01A (From the official Minecraft website)

CHANGES IN 18W01A Added facing part of /teleport Added set_name function of loot tables Added minecraft:load function tag, ran once after a (re)load Added noon and midnight to /time set Crash reports now list what data packs are enabled Technical: Changed all custom names (blocks, items, entities, block entities) to translatable text components Technical: We’re exposing our data generators, so if you can figure out how, you …

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A new mob approaches! (From the offical website!)

There is a new mob announcement! Please welcome the latest addition to the Minecraft ecosphere: turtles!………… You can read more about the new mob on the official Minecraft website! P.S. I myself can not wait for the turtles in the aquatic update, the aquatic update is going to add so much to the game, that …

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(Spigot) Minecraft 1.13 what to expect!

  Dubbed the “technical update”, Minecraft 1.13 will be the next major version of Minecraft to be released. This release will include a lot of long-awaited changes and refactorings to both the client and server, and as a result, is expected to be the largest CraftBukkit/Spigot release since 1.8, and the largest Bukkit (API) release …

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I am going to be away from the website for 2 days!

I am going to be gone for 2 days because I moving Friday and Saturday and my internet is supposed to be turned on Saturday so if all goes well I will be back on our forum either Saturday night or Sunday afternoon. And if it’s going to be any later than that I will …

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