I have been a webmaster since the early 2000's. I enjoy forums and blogs and Minecraft. I am currently playing Java Minecraft.

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Here are the list of controls for Android & IOS Minecraft PE edition!

Today we are going to be going over the list of controls for Android & IOS! Android & IOS Controls  The “On Screen D-Pad” will move you forward, backward and left and right. The “Square Button” on the right hand of the screen will make you jump. (double tap in Creative mode to fly) To move …

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Here are the list of controls for Java edition of Minecraft!

Today we are going to be going over the controls for the Minecraft Java Edition! Minecraft Java Edition Controls Mouse Controls The Mouse is used for turning, aiming & for camera movement. The Scroll Wheel is used for scrolling through the hot bar and the chat window when opened. The “Left Mouse Button” is used for …

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Surviving your first night of Minecraft! What to do and not to do!

Minecraft has had a major overhaul since I wrote this guide so I updated the pictures and some of this guide is not relevant anymore! I know there are a lot of guides on the internet on your first night of survival in Minecraft. But I am going to give you what I think is …

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My dreams have come true! Well almost! The “Better Together Update” for Minecraft!

The recent news of Microsoft’s “Better Together Update” for Minecraft. Is welcomed news for the majority of Minecraft players. Is going to bring cross-play between Windows 10 PC, Android & IOS, Xbox And Nintendo. Its also going to bring 4k graphics, servers, marketplace, and super duper graphics. My only complaint about the update is its …

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