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Minecraft Bedrock Beta Server Update 1-13-19! (Flying!)

Saturday myself, my daughter and son in~law went into the End and went exploring for hours and we found a lot of cities and we stayed until we found 3 Elytra. And it was for sure the most fun that I have ever had in Minecraft. And it was also the scariest time that I …

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Minecraft Bedrock Beta Server Update 1-8-19! (Roughed In Nether Tunnel To The Blaze!)

A new year and a new tunnel! The Nether tunnel has been worked on by 4 people SelenaG89, soullionx, AtoJoy and myself. Alot of work went into making the Nether Tunnel and although its still roughed in I am very pleased with what we have acomplished. I do plan on sproucing it up over the …

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The other day I decided to temporary rent another VPS for Minecraft Bedrock Beta Server testing! (Video)

The other day I decided to reopen my old Minecraft Bedrock Alpha Server for further testing. Because besides the bugs the server runs so much better than Realms. The gameplay is smoother and the world runs and grows a lot further out then Realms. And that makes the overall experience 1000x better. I need to do …

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The back half of the island road is finished and I call it the (Super Long Road!) (Video) (Minecraft Realms)

I finally finished the back half of the island road (it’s a really big island) and although it took forever it turned out really great. The next thing I need to work on is the road to the east and to the south and then all of the island roads will be complete and the …

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Just a short little video I made another new road, I am expanding the village!

This is the other road that I made yesterday, I plan on making more roads to expand the village and then I plan on building off of the road and hopefully one day I can find some more players. And as always I hope that you enjoy todays update and please check back soon with “The MC …

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Minecraft Bedrock Beta Server update 10-13-18! (Village road two!) (Video)

I have been a busy bee today, I reloaded our Realm world on the Minecraft Bedrock Alpha Server and it is running well. I also made two insanely long roads on the server. I made a YouTube video of the longest road. And the server seems to be pretty problem free today it was an AWESOME day …

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The MC Nation Netherworld portal! (creative server)

  Today I wanted to show off my Netherworld Portal from my creative server. I kind of modeled it after the Stargate series because  I wanted it to look futuristic. And as always I hope that you enjoy today’s update.

Underground bunker on my personal Realm!

  Here is a video of the underground bunker that I built. The whole build took 3 weeks to build. I had to pains taken crave out every brick. I hope that you enjoy the video