Explanation of all Minecraft game modes!

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Minecraft has been among us for a long time, but do we all really know what it has to offer? If you do, what is your absolute favorite game mode? Personally, mine is factions because I just love raiding. If you don’t know a lot about game modes, I will be giving a description of the most famous ones below.


Factions are probably one of the utmost famous game modes in Minecraft. The goal of factions is to become the most powerful factions when it comes to wealth and reputation, other factions should fear you. You can create a faction using a command (/f create) and essentially what it does, is that it creates a clan where you can invite members to your faction, and you can also claim your territory making it harder for people to raid you. Essentially, the only way to raid you is through building a TNT cannon and shooting TNT towards your base. A good way to protect your base is to use obsidian around it because it only takes 4 or 5 hits to destroy it with TNT!


The name might be a little misleading at first, it originally came from a server which had this game mode as a theme of the builds, meaning that the spawn was a prison. In the game mode of prison, you are to mine different materials in order to sell them for cash, which you can then use to level up using a certain command, unique to the server. Your goal is to become the highest rank possible.


Skywars is an extremely fun game mode, mainly found on Hypixel and Mineplex, but also on smaller servers. Skywars consists of 12 islands, whereas you play solo or with a teammate. Your goal is to try to eliminate the other teams, and there is even a big island in the middle where you can find chests with loot.


Skyblock is another game mode that consists of islands, only the PVP is turned off unless you enter a PVP arena using a certain command, usually /warp pvp. You start out with a small island with a little bit of loot, and your goal is to try and extend your island as much as possible, and get as much loot as possible to eventually sell it in the in-game shop, and try to become the richest person on the whole server.

Survival Games

Survival Games is one of the more competitive game modes. There are usually 24 players in each game, and the game mode originated from the famous movie named The Hunger Games with Katniss Everdeen. The game mode consists of 12 chests in the middle and random chests spread out around the map, which you can gain loot from. Your goal is to survive as long as possible. And in order to do that, you may have to take measures, such as eliminating other players in order to win the game. Many servers have a stats system where you can view how many wins and losses you have using /stats.

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