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Do you eat while playing Minecraft or eat at the dinner table?

Discussion in 'Discussion' started by Soulwatcher, Sep 22, 2017.

  1. Soulwatcher

    Soulwatcher Administrator Staff Member

    I use to be the eat while playing video games guy, rather than eat at the dinner table. I could never take enough time away from the game to eat dinner with my ex~wife! We were living two different lives and I couldn't be bothered.

    But my life as a whole has done a complete 180 turn. I hardly play video games anymore (1~3hrs a day 2~3 days a week) and I drop what ever I am doing to go eat at the dinner table. Life is so much better with the gaming under control. I spent a total of 3hrs outside today watching life go by. And to me that time is priceless! Anyway how about you? Do you eat while playing Minecraft or eat at the dinner table?
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  2. overcast

    overcast Master Miner

    I do have the habit of eating while playing the game. I have gained weight because of this habit. And I have to make sure to also avoid the junk food. Considering that seems to be harder these days. I am trying to go for exercise. And also eating less while playing games. I am restricting myself to play games only and avoid eating during that time. And I don't think of playing while eating. So that can be one option too.
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  3. SashaS

    SashaS New Miner

    I'd consider myself borderline-OCD levels of hygienic so I don't really eat at my desk where I play. Although I do brew up a nice cup of green tea and sip on that while playing because I know I'm not making any mess or getting anything on my hands. Getting things on my hands is actually the main reason I don't eat at my desk, I don't want to get that onto my laptop and mouse because then it gets sticky and that is just plain disgusting.

    I have been pretty weary lately even drinking at the table though because a few weeks ago I was an idiot and knocked my full glass of water onto the desk, wetting everything from my phones and books to my mouse and charging cables. Luckily my laptop rests on a stand so it can never get wet or damaged.

    But yeah, food is for the dinner table. I prefer being able to sit down and enjoy the meal since I cook everything myself, which takes some time and effort. Nice to know when it pays off.
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  4. wallet

    wallet Master Miner

    To save time, I eat while I am playing Minecraft, in this way I have time to play the game more and I enjoy better. I like to eat while I am playing games or I am watching the television. I know is not hygienic but I feel great playing games and I am too lazy sometimes to go to the dinner table!
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  5. Mariana

    Mariana Master Miner

    The only type of foods that I do eat while playing Minecraft is sometimes salty snacks - chips, pretzels. But I hate it when my hands get all sticky so I do it rarely. Other than that I can't say that I eat proper meals while playing the game.

    I still don't eat behind the table though :D Only if my boyfriend is at home and we eat together. Otherwise I usually just eat on the sofa while watching television. It's a bad habit but I am sooo used to it.
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  6. Tania997

    Tania997 Active Miner

    The only thing I would eat while playing minecraft is chips, biscuits or just a quick snack. I'm always keeping an eye on my weight so I rarely eat while playing and prefer to eat at the dinner table. I also hate when my desk gets dirty or has traces of food on it, so I do everything possible to avoid it.
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  7. ballyhara

    ballyhara Active Miner

    Just like this. Usually I get some snacks, popcorn, maybe some soft drink but not a proper meal. I'm not just watching my weight, but also trying to keep everything clean. Not a fan of insects, and whenever I leave a single piece of food, then I can see ants and flies.
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  8. Tania997

    Tania997 Active Miner

    I hate when that happens. It almost looks like they're waiting for you to eat something and as soon as they see even a little piece they swarm your desk. It doesn't matter if you keep your house clean, those guys will come regardless.
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  9. Hakinator

    Hakinator New Miner

    This depends on what I'm doing. If I'm busy with a project and I really wanna finish that project then I'll just eat while I'm gaming. If I'm just playing hungergames or something else then a project the I'll just stop and eat at the dinner table. But most of the time I eat the dinner table.
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  10. JaiGuru

    JaiGuru Active Miner

    I don't play games while I eat, mainly because I'm lazy and tend to eat dinner in my easy chair. That makes it kind of hard to hold a utensile and game at the same time. I do sometimes watch videos about Minecraft, though! Meal time is a good opportunity to get new information so I tend to watch build tutorials or scan through videos to see if there's a structure that I'd like to try to replicate.
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  11. JoeMilford

    JoeMilford Active Miner

    I do not eat while gaming, mainly because I know I am a klutz, and I will indefinitely spill something and screw up my console or controller or furniture or all three simultaneously! I think we should all be able to pause our game for a moment to prepare a healthy meal; however, when I was younger, I'd kill tons of pizza while playing games. This is a pretty bad habit when it comes to the beltline or waistline; sitting there for hours while ingesting tons of pepperoni and cheese is not even a good diet for a Sumo wrestler. In any case, I thought this video was entertaining, and it reminded me of my past bad eating/gaming habits:
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  12. amitkokiladitya

    amitkokiladitya Active Miner

    I don't eat while playing games. The main reason is that I prefer to stay focused on the screen. I dislike even a mild distraction. When I'm building something I want to remain concentrated towards it.

    Although I never eat food sitting at the dining table, but definitely not while playing games. I usually eat while watching television.
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  13. Kammy

    Kammy New Miner

    I don't really eat while playing the game. I will not be able to focus on what I am doing. I also make it to a point to not bring the game on the dinner table. I would like to respect the people I am eating with and the person who prepare the food for me
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  14. Denis_P

    Denis_P New Miner

    Whenever I was deep into any video game, I would always try to eat my meals while playing, and Minecraft was definitely no exception. However, much like yourself, I began to notice it was somewhat of a bad habit. For one thing I didn't really enjoy or appreciate my food. I was just taking bites between doing stuff in the game and I wouldn't even pay attention to any of the flavors, and that's pretty sad. Not to mention that trying to juggle the two degraded the gaming experience as well since it was taking me far longer to do even simple stuff in the game. These days I do things differently. If I'm eating, then I'm just eating. If I'm playing, then I'm just playing. And if I'm watching television, then I'm just watching television. It's far more satisfying that way.
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  15. sweetpot81

    sweetpot81 New Miner

    I really don't play while eating dinner. Eating is only eating rule. I like to appreciate the taste of the food and this is the time we exchanged conversation with my family or colleagues.
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  16. cubo

    cubo New Miner

    No, I don't. I like to eat at my dinner table because it's great to enjoy the meals. If I eat while I'm playing I can't enjoy what I'm eating because I'm more focused on the game than the meal. Also, food deserves respect because, for me, all the meals are sacred.

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