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Do you listen music?

Discussion in 'General Gaming' started by wallet, Oct 10, 2017.

  1. wallet

    wallet Master Miner

    I like to listen to music while I play Minecraft, and sometimes when I record a video with my gaming there music can be heard as well. I think is entertaining and keeps me fresh if I listen to music while I am playing Minecraft.
    Do you listen to music while you play games?
  2. Soulwatcher

    Soulwatcher Administrator Staff Member

    Oh yeah! I love listening to music when I play. Especially in grindy games like mmorpgs. There would be no way that I could repeat the same task over and over again without music. And fast pace music also makes racing games a lot more fun. :cwl:
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  3. wallet

    wallet Master Miner

    Yup, you are right music makes the game much nicer and we play the game with more momentum. Music can be peaceful but it also can give us the inspiration to play more.
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  4. Tania997

    Tania997 Active Miner

    I usually listen to music when I'm grinding or doing some task I don't really need to focus on. If I'm building something or playing a new game and I'm interested in the story I need to stay focused and music will become a nuisance in those moments.
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  5. amitkokiladitya

    amitkokiladitya Active Miner

    I'm OK with music in the background, but it should definitely not be loud. A soft, mild and soothing music is always welcome. Loud and that too rock type of music prevent me from concentrating on my game.
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  6. wallet

    wallet Master Miner

    I do listen to music and sometimes I listen to loud music and this doesn't affect me at all, I even guess that the music is making me more creative!
    Thank you for your reply!
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  7. overcast

    overcast Master Miner

    I am into trance music and other EDM genres. I like trippy music. That gets me going on computer. And it is good enough to keep me motivated. So that's the reason I am into this music genre. I find this type of music lot better compared to any other genre as well. I don't like the music with lyrics most of the time. As that gets me into boredom. So EDM and it's genres are good for me.
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  8. Tania997

    Tania997 Active Miner

    Everyone is different, I can't really focus if I'm listening to loud music. I always think a lot and need a clear mind when I'm building because if I overlook something I'll probably build something horrible, music interferes with my thoughts. :D
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  9. Mariana

    Mariana Master Miner

    For me, it completely depends on the actual game and my mood. When it comes to the FPS, I hate listening to music. I don't understand how people manage to do it since it affects how you play a lot - you can't hear the enemies footsteps if you are playing loud music.

    But when it comes to genres like MMORPG or Minecraft, I do enjoy a bit of music. I especially love listening to either my own playlists or the radio.
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  10. sweetpot81

    sweetpot81 New Miner

    Listening to music while playing Minecraft gives you a jolly feeling. Aside from listening to music in my everyday chores. I have a playlist actually for Minecraft itself. The more eager I am to play with it. Music is my partner in playing Minecraft.
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  11. Soulwatcher

    Soulwatcher Administrator Staff Member

    I 100% agree, I 99.999999% solo play in Minecraft and Music is my partner. I don't think that I could play Minecraft for half as long as I do without music. It's not that Minecraft is boring because it's far from boring. It's I can play a lot longer because the rhythm of the music makes me forget all about the time. ;)
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  12. ColdFlameChris

    ColdFlameChris New Miner

    Me, too! I love listening to music while playing as well. I like R&B, Slow Rock, and Rock. Music can give us rhythm so we can play smoothly with a beat.
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  13. Rezel

    Rezel New Miner

    It depends on the game. If I'm playing Minecraft I do listen to Pop or sometimes Melo music especially in creative mode. But, if I'm playing COC, Mobile Legends, Leauge of Legends and other sorts of games like this I prefer not to listen to music 'cause it destructs me especially during wars or battles.
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  14. Mariana

    Mariana Master Miner

    Haha, I feel the same way actually. I don't know why or how... it's hard to put it into words but whenever I play Minecraft and have music on (which is 99% of the time) I just feel far more motivated, creative and can easily play without getting burned out.

    I think that music itself is what makes certain games even better - the perfect companion. I'd love to see some of your guys playlists that you're using too, perhaps we can exchange them sometime :)
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  15. Lot Zion Peja

    Lot Zion Peja New Miner

    **** yeah I like listening to music while playing, I believe that it boostses me up and making more sensitive.
  16. potentialwriter

    potentialwriter New Miner

    Listening to music has ever been my unavoidable daily task as it brings some desirable feelings about life which I cherish so much. Thus, I can't do without listening to music, even when I am in the office. Music is spirit and when it's played, it gets me fully inspired and makes me think in the real and proper direction of life. Being addicted to music, I derive maximum pleasure from it and get out of emotional feelings quickly whenever and wherever I have the opportunity to play or listen. The inspiration is aided by musical instruments such as guitar, keyboard, saxophone, violin, and flute.
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  17. Kammy

    Kammy New Miner

    Yes I do. For me, I like playing my preferred music which makes my game play a bit more exciting.

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