Here are the list of controls for Java edition of Minecraft!

Today we are going to be going over the controls for the Minecraft Java Edition!

Minecraft Java Edition Controls

Mouse Controls

    • The Mouse is used for turning, aiming & for camera movement.
    • The Scroll Wheel is used for scrolling through the hot bar and the chat window when opened.
    • The “Left Mouse Button” is used for breaking blocks and dragging items in your inventory.
    • The “Right Mouse Button” is used for using an item and placing a block.

Keyboard Controls

    • The “ESC” key opens the Minecraft menu and it also pauses the game when playing single player. It also closes any game window and the chat and command windows.
    • The “F1” key hides the in-game menu.
    •  The “F2” key takes a screenshot.
    • The “F3” key puts the game in debug mode
    • The “F5” key will toggle front view so you can see in front of you or rear view so you can see behind you.
    • The “F8” key will enable mouse smoothing
    • The “F11” key will enable full-screen mode
    • The “Shift” key + clicking on an item will move it from the hot bar to inventory or from inventory to the hot bar. Holding the shift key while crafting an item will make the maximum number of the item.
    • The “Space Bar” is used for jumping and flying in creative mode.
    • The “Left Shift” key is used for sneak and descending while flying.
    • The “Left Control” key is used for sprinting and increasing flying speed when you’re flying.
    • The “W” key is used to move forward and it is also used for sprinting if you double tap the key.
    • The “S” key is used to move backward.
    • The “A” key is used to strafe left.
    • The “D” Key is used to strafe right.
    • The “Q” key will drop any selected item on your hot bar.
    • The “1-9” keys will toggle through the items on your hot bar “1” key being the furthest left item and the “9” key being the furthest right.
    • The “E” key opens and closes your inventory.
    • The “T” key opens up your chat window.

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