I am saying goodbye to Minecraft hosting fees for good!

Yesterday I bought this little gem from Amazon and it costs $159.99 and with the power of Linux, I will easily be able to host an official Minecraft Bedrock Server for about 20 people. And its low power and uses around 10+ watts of power depending on the load. Doing so is going to save me $20+ a month and when you’re on a budget like me an extra $20 can go a long way. And the way I look at it in 13 months it’s going to pay for its self.

The reason why I am wanting to move away from a VPS is that a VPS server is severely limited on resources. I got a 2 month free trial from a popular VPS company and the VPS load on my Bedrock Server was 30% load on 4 Core 8GB of Ram 160GB hard drive. And I took the same world and ran it on my windows home computer that is an I5 7400, 16gb of ram and a 512gb SSD and the load was 4% with everything running in the background on Windows 10.

I was blown away because that VPS is $40 a month for high-end server hardware and here my basic home PC runs it 10x as good with everything running in the background using Windows 10 that uses way more resources than Linux. I will have the mini PC next week and I will keep you guys posted on how it goes!

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