I Started A New Java Server Here Are Some Pictures!

I really enjoy Bedrock Minecraft, I have been playing it the past 2 years and I will continue to play it. However I am tired of waiting for the Super Duper Graphics and I wanted some real graphics for Minecraft.

So I started a Java server so that I can play with awesome graphics. The server is a week old and I have had some help with the server by soullinx he helped me in the Nether he made a latter going down to the fortress and a lava bridge and a Blaze farm. And Moonbeam build a house next to the mine.

As for me, I started a mine, (everyone knows by now how much I like making mines.) =) And I made a cow and wheat farm and I made some pathway and a storage area and a workshop and I also enclosed and made a tunnel in the Nether. Here are the pictures from the storage area and workshop. In the next few days, I plan on making a video of the Nether. And as always I hope that you enjoy today’s post and please check back with “The MC Nation” for future updates.

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    • Toletia Lynn on February 3, 2019 at 1:40 am
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    I love your New Java server!! The graphics look so real and awesome!! I love how handsome your storage area and workshops are! Great job my love!! I’m really excited to see the upcoming progress, all your cool plans coming to fruition!!

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