I’m starting a new series called “Minecraft Bedrock Beta Server”


I plan on starting a new series called Minecraft Bedrock Beta Server. I plan on documenting my progress on the server any problems with the server. I have a new world and the server running on a 2CPU, 2GB, 60GB SSD and so far the server is running 14%~25% load. Not running a Realms world has cut the server load down by 60%~70% less load on the server.

So far I have a base camp set up and the spawn is on top of a mountain. It’s not so steep on the front side of the hill but on the backside of the hill, there is a huge drop-off. I have also explored the waterways in the front of the base camp and it just circles back to the base camp there is no way out. So I am building a road to the back of the mountain where there is a huge drop off in hopes of finding better land to build a new camp. And as always please check back with “The MC Nation” for future updates.

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