Minecraft Bedrock Beta Server update 10/10/18!

Today’s update is not good news I am afraid, I noticed that the server load jumps to 90%+ whenever someone changes an area and then it goes back to normal after 10~30 seconds It happens. even if I am the only one on the server, which leads me to believe that they have a lot of optimization to do before the Bedrock server out of beta.

I think that I possibly have the worst world seed in history! I only have a few more areas to try to mine in my mine because it’s filled with lava everywhere. I’ll know tomorrow if I am going to have to abandon the mine or not.

I have made a pathway that connected 3 of the mountains and they pretty much lead to nowhere. On the plus side of things, the third mountain leads into a swap which really isn’t saying much. I want to find villagers and a desert because I need a ton of sand for glass blocks for the project that I want to build.

That wraps up today’s update, my plan is to keep making Minecraft Bedrock Beta server updates every day or every other day until the Bedrock server comes out of beta. And as always I hope that you enjoyed today’s update and please check back with “The MC Nation” for future updates

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