Minecraft Bedrock Beta Server update 10-11-18!

Today was a busy day, the last mineshaft that I made turned out to be a good one and thank goodness because I was about to close out the mine. One problem that I did run into today was the VPS I was renting loaded up and the blocks stopped popping while I was mining and then all of a sudden like 10 blocks popped at once. Which means that the VPS was overloaded because the Minecraft Bedrock Beta Server runs at an almost constant 20%~23% load unless your changing areas and I was just standing still. I ended up changing VPS companies.

And as far as what I did on the server today, I did some heavy-duty mining and I finished the long road to the swamp. I also connected another Island, so that’s a total of 4 connected Islands. And this new Island looks rather promising. And I also put a roof on my house. Overall I am making great progress in the world and my next objective is to try to find a close village and if I can’t find a close village I am going to start making other buildings. And as always I hope that you enjoyed today’s update and please check back soon with “The MC Nation” for future updates

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