Minecraft Bedrock Beta Server update 10-15-18! (New storage area!)

I have been busy these last two days working on a storage area on The Minecraft Bedrock Beta Server. It has taken me two days to build it and it’s because that I made the building out of stone and glass. If I would have made it out of wood it would have taken a week or more. But the stone building looks nice and does a great job holding materials.

As for the server today we had 3 people on there and it was running 30% load which is not bad because the server runs at 19%~20% with just one person on there. Which leads me to believe that the server uses around 5%+ CPU load per person. And as far as bandwidth goes it was using about 1mbps with 3 people online which isn’t too much considering that a lot of the newer games use 1mbps per person. Over I am very pleased with the performance of the Minecraft Bedrock Beta Server and I am looking forward to it getting out of beta and becoming a stable release.

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