Minecraft Bedrock Beta Server Update 11-3-18! (What a good day!)

Today was an awesome day, I can not believe how much mining that I got done today. I almost have 6 chests full of cobblestone and I will be building more roads once I fill the 6th chest. I also found a lot of diamonds today which made me really happy considering how many tools that I have been going through lately with all this mining that I am doing. And last but not least I ended up finding a horse and I made a sign for the storage area.

I tested the ACEPC Mini PC (Server) today with 2 players and it did not break a sweat. I am really impressed with how well this little PC is working. I knew that it would work, but I had no idea that it would work this well. And the best part of all is it uses around 10 watts of power and makes no noise because it’s fanless.

I ended up renaming Greg’s World to “The MC Nation Server” because for now, I am going to run two worlds for the website. Greg’s World turned from a test world to a full-blown world I almost have as much built and mined on Greg’s World as I do “The MC Nation Realms” world. And as always I hope that you enjoy todays update and please check back with “The MC Nation” for future Updates!


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