Minecraft Bedrock Beta Server Update 12-28-18! (Village 3 Nether Portal)

It’s been awhile since I last posted and a lot has happen. As you can see I had to take a break from the website and I slowed down playing the game as well. I was getting super burned out and I needed a much needed break.

One of the biggest changes to the server is update 1.80. It totally changed user permission for the better and it also introduced a major bug where if you camp out too far away from the spawn you fall through the world. So everyone on the server has to watch out where they are going to logout for the night.

Another major change to the server is I removed the external SSD and installed a internal SSD and it made a HUGE difference in reducing lag. It’s a small SSD but the Minecraft Server is only 280mb so the small SSD is more than enough. I just need it for the speed.

I think the reason for the huge speed increase is that the Linux USB 3 driver was not compatible with the external SSD. None the less the lag is really cleared up right now and I am really enjoying the improved server stability.

Now this brings me to today’s update, I updated the Village 3 nether portal and fixed the building. I added more windows and I added a roof and evened out the windows/building. And as always I hope that you enjoy today’s update and please check back with “The MC Nation” for future updates.

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