MINECRAFT SNAPSHOT 17W50A (from the official Minecraft website)

A Minecraft Java Edition snapshot for 1.13

It’s almost time for the holidays, so this week is going to be the last week for snapshots this year. Therefore, let’s cram as many snapshots as we can into this week!

Added new local coordinate type in commands using ^
Tags can now include other Tags (of the same type)
When overriding a tag, you can choose to replace instead of append
Things crash a little less easily than before. A little.
Added ████████████████████ (and of course ███████████)
Fixed bug MC-2340 – Redstone torches schedule updates when they should not, causing unreliable timings.
Fixed bug MC-5694 – High efficiency tools / fast mining destroys some blocks client-side only
Fixed bug MC-93468 – Water and lava flow affected by random ticks
Fixed bug MC-120709 – Lava and water updates do not resolve completely when random ticking is disabled
Fixed bug MC-121863 – x_rotation seems to behave like y_rotation
Fixed bug MC-122154 – Sometimes beds take strange shapes when placed
Fixed bug MC-122159 – Container inventory changes don’t update nearby comparators
Fixed bug MC-122317 – Game crashes when a colon is entered after a slash or another colon in commands

You can find a complete list of the changes on the official Minecraft website located here!

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