MINECRAFT SNAPSHOT 18W01A (From the official Minecraft website)


Added facing part of /teleport
Added set_name function of loot tables
Added minecraft:load function tag, ran once after a (re)load
Added noon and midnight to /time set
Crash reports now list what data packs are enabled
Technical: Changed all custom names (blocks, items, entities, block entities) to translatable text components
Technical: We’re exposing our data generators, so if you can figure out how, you can get a dump of our all blocks/items/commands/etc from the game without opening it up!
Fixed bug MC-2340 – Redstone torches schedule updates when they should not, causing unreliable timings.
Fixed bug MC-9194 – A Comparator can lock a Repeater, but the Repeater doesn’t look like it is locked
Fixed bug MC-64836 – Mobs “control” the minecart they are riding
Fixed bug MC-71401 – Tab list ignores initial display name of players
Fixed bug MC-112693 – Scoreboard team colors use raw § formatting instead of text components
Fixed bug MC-112742 – Name of unnamed villager is rendered with TeamColor instead of prefix and suffix of scoreboard team
Fixed bug MC-112743 – Glowing outline and spectator GUI use prefix color instead of TeamColor

You can find a complete list of the changes on the official Minecraft website located here!



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