MINECRAFT SNAPSHOT 18W02A (from the official Minecraft website!)


1.13 is getting closer and closer! This weeks snapshot brings some new improvements to the /execute command and a bunch of bug fixes!


Added new block tag minecraft:enderman_holdable
Changed translation files from .lang (key=value) to .json (“key”: “value”)
Errors during a command are now a nicer error message (with tooltip for more info)
Teleporting to things in other dimensions is now allowed
/teleport has been simplified a bit, to avoid ambiguity
Added anchor points to teleport … facing …, so you can look at eyes vs feet
Added new subcommands to /execute to allow for more control over commands
Server commands (functions, console, rcon) now run from world spawn in the overworld
Fixed bug MC-68446 – Some entities have missing translations string in the lang files
Fixed bug MC-121662 – Unhandled exceptions in commands just dump the exception into chat, without the “unknown error” message
Fixed bug MC-122579 – All COLOR_wall_banners are missing translation keys
Fixed bug MC-122608 – Minecraft crashes when typing in a block-related command in front of an entity
Fixed bug MC-122610 – Giving 0 of any item results in the chat message saying that you got 0 air
Fixed bug MC-122893 – “/execute as/at” does not change the dimension of execution
Fixed bug MC-122956 – Function paths with invalid characters results in game freezing
Fixed bug MC-123104 – ‘/scoreboard players reset’ removes name from sidebar of different objective
Fixed bug MC-123764 – Single player menu world version not displaying correctly…………

You can find a complete list of the changes on the official Minecraft website located here!

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