Retro Throwback The MC Island, Soulinx underground farm!

I don’t know how many people know the history of this website, but it uses to be called “The MC Island” and there were two versions of “The MC Island”. V1 was a group of friend’s Minecraft players. V2 That fizzled out so I revamped the website and made it a personal Minecraft website.

V3 Fast forward and I scrapped the old website in favor of the new and improver Minecraft website and renamed it ‘The MC Nation” and it was a blog/forum.V3 the forum failed so I split the website and sold the forum and made this website into a blog where it stands today.

For a while I had Minecraft burn out and I wasn’t doing much with the blog even though I wanted to. However, now I no longer feel the burnout and I am ready to dig into the blog again with regular updates. And that brings me to today. Today I am posting Soulinx underground farm from the days of the friends Minecraft Realm on “The MC Island” And as always please check back with “The MC Nation” for future updates!

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