(Spigot) Minecraft 1.13 what to expect!


Dubbed the “technical update”, Minecraft 1.13 will be the next major version of Minecraft to be released. This release will include a lot of long-awaited changes and refactorings to both the client and server, and as a result, is expected to be the largest CraftBukkit/Spigot release since 1.8, and the largest Bukkit (API) release ever. We have already spent around 50 hours on snapshots and are starting to get a pretty good (although purely speculative) idea of what the impact will be to plugin developers and server owners.

Because one of the primary goals of the Bukkit API is to provide a stable interface for plugins across a variety of platforms and versions, changes have to be made with the right balance between stability, feature set, and maintenance. With this in mind we have decided to target the following changes:

  • Block type IDs will be completely removed
    • This is a change which started to be implemented over four years ago, unfortunately, there are still plugins out there using block IDs when they shouldn’t be, including some fairly popular ones. Virtually every occurrence of block IDs currently has a Material replacement available for usage right now. If your plugin or a plugin you use exposes IDs in any form we strongly recommend you work to get it upgraded right away as this may be a somewhat involved process (albeit one that should have been done years ago).
  • Block data values will be deprecated
    • All instances of byte data values and MaterialData usage will be deprecated. Although the byte data values have also been deprecated for a very long time, many of them do not currently have suitable replacements. As such we will be providing support for them on a best effort basis. This means that plugins using these APIs will (hopefully) run to some degree, but you should not expect complete or consistent support. We strongly recommend waiting for updated versions for the best performance and data integrity…………………

You can read more about the changes on the official Spigot website!

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