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Nov 18 2017

Community server project is dead!

I would have loved to have a close-knit community server. But unfortunately, Java Minecraft is all but dead. There are thousands of empty Java servers idle on the internet. And ours was no different, It sat idle for 11 days unless I was playing on it. And with me being on a fixed income there …

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Sep 18 2017

Today I bring you a repost “community server automatic chicken coop”!

Today I am reposting our community server automatic chicken coop. As many of you know we lost a few weeks of information and we lost our original automatic chicken coop. So here it is again to build the chicken coop you’re going to need 36 wooden planks, 12 glass blocks, 2  trap doors, 2 item hoppers, …

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Aug 03 2017

Today I upgraded the community servers ram to 1.5GB!

Today I upgraded the Community Server’s ram to 1.5GB. This should allow for 10 people to be logged in simultaneously. And that’s about the limit of what I can afford to pay every month. If you would like a bigger community server you could always click the donation button on the forum and make a …

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Jul 23 2017

I Am adding a new section to the blog and forum called “community server updates”!

My Windows 10/PE Realm has expired and I have now rented a small 1GB Java server for our community. Once a week (every Sunday) I am going to make a progress report on what’s going on our community server.  And you can see the progress of the server by using our World Map. If you …

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