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Minecraft Bedrock Beta Server Update 11-4-18 (Roads And More Roads!)

Today was road building day. I finished off filling the 6th chest and went to road building. I still have a ton of roads to build so I may or may not do an update tomorrow. It just depends on what all I get done. And always I hope that you enjoy today’s update and please …

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Minecraft Bedrock Beta Server Update 11-3-18! (What a good day!)

Today was an awesome day, I can not believe how much mining that I got done today. I almost have 6 chests full of cobblestone and I will be building more roads once I fill the 6th chest. I also found a lot of diamonds today which made me really happy considering how many tools …

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Minecraft Bedrock Beta Server Update 11-2-18! (Mini PC Success!)

I received my ACEPC T11 today and I started the Minecraft server on Windows first, just to make sure it was going to work before I loaded Linux. It ran flawlessly on Windows 10, so I reformatted the PC to Ubuntu 18.10 server and then I loaded my world and everything worked perfectly. And the real kicker …

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Minecraft Bedrock Beta Server Update 10-31-18! (A New Hope!)

I once again have new hope for the Minecraft Bedrock Alpha Server. I found a pretty good mineshaft under my house and I have been filling up the storage area all day. I plan on mining for a few more days until I fill all of the cobblestone chests and then I am going to …

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Greg’s World Minecraft Bedrock Beta Server Storage Area!

Today I built a small storage area for Greg’s World Minecraft Bedrock Beta Server. I didn’t want to go all out because the world is going to be scrapped as soon as the Minecraft Bedrock Server comes out of beta. I plan on loading “The MC Nation’s” Realm on the server. And as always I …

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(Greg’s World) Minecraft Bedrock Beta Server update 10-26-18! (Glitched Villagers!)

Thought that I would give everyone a good laugh today so I recorded the glitched villagers. The first time I saw them I busted out laughing. I hope that you enjoy the video as much as I liked making it. And as always please check back soon with “The MC Nation” for future updates.

(Greg’s World) Minecraft Bedrock Beta Server update 10-25-18! (Nether World)

Progress is coming along well on Greg’s Minecraft Bedrock Alpha Server World. I did notice a weird glitch yesterday. I found a village and there were at least 15 villagers and they were dropping carrots everywhere. I know it was a glitch because I have never seen anything like it, I ended up getting a …

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I am saying goodbye to Minecraft hosting fees for good!

Yesterday I bought this little gem from Amazon and it costs $159.99 and with the power of Linux, I will easily be able to host an official Minecraft Bedrock Server for about 20 people. And its low power and uses around 10+ watts of power depending on the load. Doing so is going to save me …

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The other day I decided to temporary rent another VPS for Minecraft Bedrock Beta Server testing! (Video)

The other day I decided to reopen my old Minecraft Bedrock Alpha Server for further testing. Because besides the bugs the server runs so much better than Realms. The gameplay is smoother and the world runs and grows a lot further out then Realms. And that makes the overall experience 1000x better. I need to do …

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