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Minecraft Bedrock Beta Server update 10/10/18!

Today’s update is not good news I am afraid, I noticed that the server load jumps to 90%+ whenever someone changes an area and then it goes back to normal after 10~30 seconds It happens. even if I am the only one on the server, which leads me to believe that they have a lot …

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Minecraft Bedrock Alpha Server problems, needs more testing!

I moved our Realms onto the Minecraft Bedrock Alpha server and there are several problems with the Alpha server. The log file does not work and the op only works if you’re online, the minute you log off op doesn’t work anymore. Also, the server is super resource heavy, it runs 100% load on one …

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Today I am testing the Minecraft Bedrock Alpha server!

Today I decided to fool around with the Minecraft Bedrock Alpha server. I decided to run it off my home computer before renting a VPS and running the server off of Linux. I tested it for 2 hrs today and let me tell you it BLOWS realms out of the water! And its even running …

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