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Food For Thought! 3+ Year Of Minecraft!

So I have been playing Minecraft now for 3+ years now and lots of stuff has changed. Overall the game is vastly improved, there are so many changes in the game that it would take hours to list them all. I went from playing Java and running a Java server to playing Bedrock on Realms …

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My New House Hilltop Hideaway!

Today I am featuring my new home “Hilltop Hideaway”! It’s about 3 minutes west of the main village. It’s a large one-room cabin that sits on top of a mountain that features wrap around couch, two loveseats, a dining area, a full-service kitchen, a bed, two-night stands, storage chest, and a lamp. On the entrance …

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My Own Private Island Castaway Keys!

This is my vacation home that is on a small island that I call Castaway Keys. It took me days to find the right spot for my vacation home and I ended up settling on an island located at -2800,88,500. It’s part of a small island chain that is located off of an ice reef …

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