The Better Together beta is now live!

The wait is almost over but for now, you can beta test the Better Together Update over at the Official Minecraft website! I have been playing around with it and I have noticed a HUGE overall performance increase and a decrease of FPS in certain areas. The game seems night and day smoother overall until you get a ton of blocks and then it starts lagging the system hard. And I have to believe it’s because my PC only has a 1gb graphics card. I am sure that any modern computer wouldn’t have a problem running the update and wouldn’t see any decrease in FPS.

As far as my Samsung Galaxy S8+ goes, again its a smoother overall experience and it cripples my phone when I am around a ton of blocks. But overall it’s the best Minecraft has ever ran on my phone.

The game also features a updated UI and new commands. From what I have seen so far I am very impressed and I am looking forward to the “Better Together Update” And we may switch our community server over to the Better Together Update Minecraft depending on how smooth the Official servers run. This way was not going to be limited to Windows and Mac players, people will be able to play on every platform but Playstation!

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