The mobile world is reopened for me!

Thanks to my old cell phone carrier being so horrible. I am now with Xfinity Mobile and not only do I have a new phone but my plan is less than half of what it used to cost. And I have a lot better phone, I have an LG Stylo 4 and it runs Minecraft just fine with the view distance at 6 chunks.

So what does this mean for The MC Nation? I can update the website with my phone, I can check the website email on the phone. I also can build new structure’s with the phone as well. At least 20% of the structure’s on the creative realm we’re made on a mobile device when I was away from home. And I hope to be able to build structure’s on the survival server and update the website when I am away from home. And as always please check back with The MC Nation for future updates.

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