The other day I decided to temporary rent another VPS for Minecraft Bedrock Beta Server testing! (Video)

The other day I decided to reopen my old Minecraft Bedrock Alpha Server for further testing. Because besides the bugs the server runs so much better than Realms. The gameplay is smoother and the world runs and grows a lot further out then Realms. And that makes the overall experience 1000x better. I need to do some heavy-duty mining on the Minecraft Bedrock Alpha Server so that I can build on the server I am about out of everything.

I do plan on wiping Greg’s world and loading my Realms world back on the Minecraft Bedrock Server once the server comes out of beta. But for now, let the testing begin! And as always I hope that you enjoy today’s post and please check back soon with “The Mc Nation” for future updates!

P.S. here is a video preview of Greg’s world! 😃

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