Today I am testing the Minecraft Bedrock Alpha server!

Today I decided to fool around with the Minecraft Bedrock Alpha server. I decided to run it off my home computer before renting a VPS and running the server off of Linux. I tested it for 2 hrs today and let me tell you it BLOWS realms out of the water! And its even running off of my home computer while I am playing the game, and it’s going to run even better off of a VPS.

I am 100% sure that Realms runs off of bare minimum server settings and that’s why things around you don’t grow /run/spawn unless your standing right next to them. With the server software, you can set the tick-distance=12 and things grow/run/spawn a ways from your base.

As soon as I get paid I am going to rent a small $5 VPS (first two months are free) to run my world off on and it’s going to be $0.70 more a month then my Minecraft Realm and have 8 more player slots and everything is going to run 100% better. And as always I hope that you enjoyed today’s post. And please check back in with The MC Nation for future updates!

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